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    Galfan Coated Gabion

    Galfan Coated Gabion

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    Galfan (Zinc-5 % Aluminum-Mischmetal) Coated Gabion is also called Galfan gabion is made of steel and then coated by galfan (95% zinc , 5% of aluminum) , double-twisted by machine formed hexagonal mesh . This galfan coating layer has better non-crrosibility than general galvanized coating. It is fit for wet environment, strong prevention of corrosion is very high

    It can be used for water conservancy project ,slope retaining , slope greening , slope greening, highway isolationfence ,

    it also can be made into the gabion box , stone pad (tradional cages), used in the rivers, dam and the prevention and control of the cut of scour protection and reservoir, river closure . in addition , it also can be used in building engineering, supporting the wall.

    The specifications of the gabion

    mesh size : 60X80mm 80X100mm 100X120mm 80X120mm

    wire diameter : 2.00-4.00mm

    Aperture: hexagonal

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